ExpoCapital’s team consists of experienced professionals with a large accumulated experience in investment banking and in various sectors of economy with such companies as Ernst & Young, Renaissance Capital, Expobank and others.


Long-standing partnerships with large banks allow ExpoCapital to be flexible in negotiations, make quick decisions and provide required financing of acquired business.

Oc Si Al

international developer and producer of single-walled carbon nanotubes for global industry


international producer of a new generation of energy-efficient electrobikes


AI for analyzing radiograms and diagnosing the risk of tumors


A platform for the trade-in of used smartphones through key electronic retail networks in Russia

Intelligence retail

IT solution that recognizes from photos the presence of fast-moving consumer goods on the shelf


British holding company that has technologies based on Artificial Intelligence in the fields of life extension and the prevention of age-related diseases


Home shopping TV channel in Russia


4 October 2019

ExpoCapital demonstrated 30% return on investments, thanks to a positive revaluation of a number of projects in portfolio.

4 October 2019

Botkin.AI obtained a patent for its AI solution for medical decisions support


1 August 2019

Interview: Nikita Ryauzov Managing partner for ExpoCapital tells Finparty how his team searches for promising startups helping to make the world a better place


21 June 2019

Interview: Expobank owner Igor Kim speaks about banking business, ExpoCapital venture fund and investments in high tech companies


15 July 2019

The history of development of service for the exchange of used smartphones SmartPrice


17 June 2019

A platform for the trade-in of used smartphones Smartprice raised $2.5 million from ExpoCapital and group of private investors.


28 May 2019

Botkin.AI solution for cancer diagnosis raised RUB 100 million from RBV Capital (investors - RVK and R-Farm of A. Repik) and Rosatom. Early stage investors - Primer Capital and ExpoCapital also took part in the current investment round


8 May 2019

Alexander Mamut’s A&NN Group acquired 0.5% of OCSiAL from Rusnano for $5 million. Thus, the entire OCSiAL business was valued at $1 billion, making it the first unicorn in Rusnano’s portfolio.

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26 April 2019

SmartPrice starts selling recovered smartphones from Huawei

Российская Газета

6 April 2019 

Botkin.AI solution for cancer diagnosis launched a pilot project in the Yamal region of Russia

Red Dot Award

25 March 2019

Ujet wins the Red Dot Award 2019 for product design

iF World Design Guide

15 March 2019

Ujet wins the iF gold award 2019 for the best commercial design

Фармацевтический Вестник

6 February 2019 

Botkin.AI solution for cancer diagnosis successfully completed its pilot project in the Novgorod region of Russia


23 January 2019

Interview with SmartPrice CEO Vladislav Ovchinnikov about the market for trade-in smartphones


24 December 2018

Botkin.AI solution for cancer diagnosis launched a pilot project in the Tula region of Russia


23 April 2018

Trade-in service for smartphones called SmartPrice launched by CarPrice co-founders has raised $2.5 million in less than one year



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