Personal online stylist with Capsula delivery raised $ 600,000 in investment from Expo Capital and other investors

Personal online stylist with Capsula delivery raised $ 600,000 in investment from Expo Capital and other investors

Personal online stylist with Capsula delivery raised $ 600,000 in investment from Expo Capital and other investors

The startup Capsula, a service for the delivery of personalized clothes from stylists, has raised $ 600,000 from the Expo Capital venture capital fund. The round was also attended by an unnamed European fund, business angel Oleg Maslennikov and Carprice Marketing Director Dmitry Ryzhov.
Investments will go to the development of the IT platform, strengthening the team and scaling the service. In July 2020, the company raised $ 150,000 in investments from several business angels. Since then, the startup has grown 6 times.

Capsula assists clients in receiving a delivery of personalized clothing made by a stylist. To use the service, you need to register and fill out a questionnaire, in which Capsula specifies sizes, favorite colors and combinations in clothes and attitude to accessories. The client is assigned one of 35 stylists, who helps with the creation of the image. After ordering, service couriers deliver a box with a set of 6 items of clothing to the client's home.

After that, there is a day to try on and to decide which things to pay for and which to return. Feedback on each order allows the company to get to know the customer better with each shipment.

The founders of Capsula are Pavel Shibanov, Anastasia Shibanova and Igor Studennikov. In 2019, they pioneered the delivery of personalized clothing sets on the market. The closest most successful analogue of the company is the American unicorn Stitch Fix, whose market capitalization is now $ 4.8 billion. Capsula cooperates with more than 50 Russian and international clothing brands and operates its own warehouse.

The company is developing a recommendation system that predicts the likelihood of purchasing a particular item based on the comparison of customer data and their interaction with clothes from past orders.

“Our global goal is to change the format of shopping. Now people who want to dress well do not have to waste time shopping malls or choosing clothes in an online store for a long time. We not only simplify the selection and purchase, but also replace the personal stylist with our product. Capsula analyzes the client's body, sees all previous purchases, requests photos of clothes from the existing wardrobe and helps to create stylish looks. ” - comments Pavel Shibanov, co-founder of the startup Capsula.

For all the time, the startup has delivered more than 10 thousand orders, the monthly revenue of the company exceeds 10 million rubles. According to experts, the volume of online sales in the fashion industry in 2021 will amount to 335.3 billion rubles.

“After a difficult year for the Russian fashion market in 2020, the sale of clothing and accessories shows an increase of almost 40%, which stimulates the development of companies in the industry and active investments. In our opinion, this market segment will be transformed in the near future, because its leaders are now not included in any of the largest ecosystems. This creates the preconditions for the emergence of new players capable of rapidly increasing the product offer and attracting the client base of the leaders of the offline industry. We believe that the Capsula startup team will be not only the first, but also the fastest in this race. ” - comments Nikita Ryauzov, managing partner of the Expo Capital fund.


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