Nikita  Ryauzov
Nikita RyauzovManaging partner, co-founder

Nikita has more than 20 years of experience in private equity, venture capital, investment banking and corporate finance.

In 2018 Nikita and the team launched ExpoCapital fund where he is entirely responsible for strategic and operational development. He sits on Boards of Directors of several ExpoCapital’s portfolio companies. 

Prior to ExpoCapital, Nikita worked for major Russian banks such as Otkritie, MDM Bank and Bank Zenit. 

He was Managing Director at Otkritie Holding for 4 years, being in charge of corporate finance. Under his management, more than 30 private equity and M&A deals were closed.

Earlier, Nikita worked for 10 years at MDM Bank where he occupied the position of Head of Corporate-Investment banking for several years.

He started his professional career in Bank Zenit as Head of Investment banking.

Kiril Gavruk
Kiril GavrukInvestment director

Kiril is a fund team member since its inception. Prior to ExpoCapital, he performed a search, analysis and evaluation of special projects in Expo Group banks.

Earlier Kiril had worked at MDM Bank where he was responsible for certain distressed and non-core assets, at Sovlink investment company he had executed M&A deals. Kiril had also worked in audit at Ernst&Young.

Kiril has more than 15 years of experience and expertise in financial and investment analysis and project management. He is in charge with origination and implementation of investment deals and portfolio companies monitoring.

Oxana Romazina, ACMA
Oxana Romazina, ACMAHead of Operations

Oxana joined ExpoCapital in April 2021 and heads operational activity of the funds. Oxana has been engaged in funds’ industry since 2004 and previously was operational manager in Russian large investment companies including Metalloinvest, Troika Dialog, VTB Capital Asset Management.

She has an experience of set up, administration and reporting of fund structures as well as portfolio companies in different jurisdictions.

Oxana is a member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants since 2013.